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Actress Kalyani has turned into producer and is making a film titled “Chapter 6” under the banner of Midas Touch and is directed by her husband Surya Kiran. Kalyani plays the main role while Bala and Sonia Suri make their debut to play the lead roles. The music for the film has been composed by PC Sivan and Mohan Sitara. Similarly, four cameramen AN Raja, Selva Kumar, Chitrai Selvan and Nirmal Raja worked for the film.

Chapter 6 Cast & Crew

Actor : Bala
Actress : Kalyani, Soniya Suri
Director : Surya Kiran
Producer : Kalyani
Music By : Mohanisthara,P.C.Shivan,R.Pudan

Chapter 6 Movie Review

Behind the Movie Chapter 6: Heroine of family audience Kalyani is the producer of this movie while her husband Suriya Kiran of ‘Satyam’ fame being the director, there was an initial enthusiasm surrounded this flick. With too many postponements, ‘Chapter 6’ has lost its significance at last finding its day today. With new casting and an interesting title, let us see what did this couple actually teach the audience with their six chapters?

In the Movie Chapter 6: To start with, entire movie is divided into six chapters and each deal with different phases of love right from its birth to winning.

First Chapter is ‘Birth of Love’ where in a Radio artist Bharat (Bala) falls in love with Commissioner Rajasekhar’s (Late Rajan P Dev) daughter Shilpa (Sonia Suri). With passage of time, Bharat and Shilpa get too intimate and blame it their age that Shilpa gets pregnant. Now, Shilpa and Bharat wanted to win their love and plans to elope.

Second Chapter is ‘Divinity of Love’ where in Satya Bhama (Kalyani), a small time employee in a Finance Company is tenant in the house of Kota Kutumba Rao (Kota Srinivas Rao). Kota’s son Satya Murthy (Dr. Policherla Harinath of ‘Alex’ fame) is in search of a good life partner and obviously falls in love with Satya Bhama. With blessings from Kota, both of them get married.

Third Chapter is ‘Separation of Love’ where in the finance company for which Satya Bhama is working runs into troubles and their MD escapes. Now, Satya Bhama who earlier had a rivalry with Police Officer is pulled into the case and is kept behind bars. When Satya Murthy tries to save her wife, he too is punished by the Lady SI and Circle Inspector.

Fourth Chapter is ‘Pain of Love’ where in Bharat who gets ready to elope with Shilpa is unfortunately caught by Police before he sticks to his plan. On the other side, Satya Murthy is released after interrogation.

Fifth Chapter is ‘Search of Love’ where in Satya Murthy unable to find his wife Satya Bhama kidnaps Shilpa, the Commissioners daughter and house arrests Commissioner and Lady SI to know trace his wife. Truth is that pregnant Satya Bhama is thrown into ocean but is saved by few fishermen.

Chapter Six is ‘Victory of Love’ and climax of the movie where in Satya Murthy and Bharat gets together to find Satya Bhama and punish the Lady SI and CI with the help of Commissioner.

Values and Out of the Movie Chapter 6: What is interesting with the storyline is, where two love stories run in parallel on different shades and merge together in between. Director Suriya Kiran has given a different coloring by dividing the story into six chapters and offering each chapter a color like Birth of Love – Blue; Divinity of Love – While;  Separation of Love – Black; Pain of Love – Warm Yellow; Search of Love – Red and  Victory of Love – Colorful. Of course, Suriya Kiran took enough caution in presenting the scenes and characters in respective chapters with that particular tinge of color by designing their costumes, interiors, outdoor shots with that particular color flavor. ‘Producer Kalyani has spent good amount of money in getting the rich output but no way helping the output. Dialogues by Suriya Kiran were mischievous & humorous. It makes us doubt whether many of the scenes were picturised in Tamil language and later dubbed into Telugu because many occasions, there was no lip sync. Music by Mohan Sitara and PC Shivan was not impressive and songs really tested the patience. Editing by Gowtham Raju was full of blunders and Photography by A. Raju was better in canning the songs.

Performance wise Dr. Harinath Policherla can be called as hero of this Chapter 6. True to his middle aged character, his real age and body language were well matched. Nothing to comment on his face expressions and screen presence. Kalyani once again sticked to her standard basics. Young hero Bala is full of energy and its chilling performance. Next heroine Sonia Suri is red hot, feeling most of the time comfortable in skimpy outfits and throwing away her glorious assets on the face of camera. Mass audience can have enough spice out of her. Others like Rajan P Dev, Sameer, Kota, Dharmavarapu, Suman Shetty, Suriya Kiran were just okay while Suriya Kiran’s does a special appearance in the flick.

‘Chapter 6’ is a true learning Chapter for this cute pair of Suriya Kiran and Kalyani, to learn more on their future projects.

Chapter 6′ are the six shades of ‘love’ in ‘life’

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