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Farzana Hot And Sexy Navel Show

Farzana is one of another hot south Indian actress who is very famous in Telugu films. She is more involved to perform some glamor roles in her films. Personally I don’t know she was really Muslim actress or not but she are performing more hotter roles normally Muslim girls are very rarely dare to perform. She is very successful Indian actress and her success proves more and more about her inelegance while she chose right film at right time. I really don’t know whether she has Master Degree, Bachelor Degree or Doctorate Degree in Indian or aboard university but I thinks she is one of intelligent actress of her field. have already published so many quality image galleries of Hindi actress (Bollywood), Malayalam actress, Tamil actress (Kollywood), Telugu actress, Khanda actress and other urban hot actress such as Bengali and Bjopuri actress. I will plane to post more quality contents and more quality and rare image gallery in near future.

The rather Busty and shapely FARZANA has felt that since now she has proved her mettle as a talented actress the time is just ripe for her to win over the audience over with her lusty (dirty)dancing skills that have made her really hot and happening and has made people sit up and look at her in an absolutely different light.

FARZANA who is a Parsi by birth was born and brought up in Mumbai and it was there that she began her career as a popular model who had endorsed various popular brands like Hero Honda, Sansui TV, Godrej Hair Care, Big Bazaar and several more.

What however is not too well known even today is that long before she got noticed in Hyderabad and got her first acting break in the superhit ‘Bhagyalakshmi Bumper Draw and followed it up with a fine performance in Seema Shastry the stunning and sex-appealing FARZANA was actually a world famous professional dancer and choreographer who performed for several years with Adnan Sami across as many as 19 countries across the globe. What is more the sizzling hot title track of Zinda was actually choreographed by FARZANA.

Being a highly respected actress who was poised to go places whatever made FARZANA take a 180 degree turn in the middle of her career left everyone stunned but she did not change boats midstream but was something that was deeply thought upon and mulled over.

Being a professional dancer and choreographer she has a natural passion for dancing that came effortlessly and smoothly to her.So when BHUMIKA CHAWLA offered her a queens ransom to do an item number in ‘MALLEPOVVU’ she accepted the offer with her eyes wide opened.She was asked to do just about 4-6 days work and she took home a lot more than what she normally earns after about 6 months or more to complete an entire feature film. What was more that even though BHUMIKA CHAWLA was in the film yet FARZANA gor total attention for her lusty item number that actually got repeat value to the film.

The success and accolades she got for this sizzling hot item number helped FARZANA to make up her mind and she let it be known that she was available for high profile item numbers for decent banners-who could afford her while she would continue to keep herself open to select acting roles that challenged the actress in her. This way FARZANA’s earning multiplied and also she had a lot more free time on her hands to do live shows.

No sooner did FARZANA declare that she was game to do erotic wild and real sizzling hot item numbers that she was approached by big banners who came searching for her while previously they even refused to entertain her when she tried to catch their attention to get lead roles in their projects!!!


Farzana Removing saree to show her navel

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Farzana Deep Hot Navel Exposing Spicy Stills in black saree

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Farzana spicy navel show

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Farzana Red Hot in Saree | Deep navel

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Cute Farzana in blouse

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