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Sheena Shahabadi Hot Navel Photos

Sheena Shahabadi Hot Navel Photos

Sheena Shahabadi is a new face in the Bollywood industry. She is born on 21st November. Bollywood beauty Sheena Shahabadi too is making her debut in Telugu films and she happens to be the daughter of yesteryear actress Sadhana.

Actress Sadhana Singh’s daughter, Sizzling beauty Sheena Shahabadi, who was seen in Hindi films Tere Sang and Fast Forward and in the Telugu film, Bindaas.

Sheena will be making her Kannada entry soon. She plays an important role in the Kannada film, Rajadhani.

However, since she eloped with TV actor Vaibhav of ‘Tere Sangh’ fame and married against her parent’s permissions, the marriage has been called off by her parents.

Extremely level-headed and grounded, this girl knows what she has to do in life and follows a set of dos and don’ts to achieve her goal.
Sheena Shahabadi hot spicy photos

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Vimala Raman Hot In Gaayam 2 Movie

Vimala Raman Hot In Gaayam Movie

The new movie of her is ‘Yugam‘ directed by debutant Vigisipi Vishtaa and is being produced by Kumar brothers. Sumanth, Priyamani and Vimala Raman are pairing with him. The latest news is that the film has been titled as ‘Yugam‘.

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Sonakshi Sinha Walks On Ramp At HDIL

‘Sonakshi Sinha’ On Ramp At HDIL. Bollywood Stars Celebrities on Day 2 Of HDIL beauty Sonakshi Sinha done ramp walk at HDIL.

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Nayanthara Unseen Sexy Stills

Nayantara is a hot and sexy south indian actress. She is known for her glamorous roles and offscreen gimmicks. Nayanthara has already given the web a plethora of hot masala videos and is continuing to do so.

Nayantara’s film career started with the film Manasinakkare directed by Sathyan Anthikkad in malayalam. In the movie , she played the role of a villge girl. The film was a commercial success and her performance was lauded.She was perfectly fitting in the role of that innocent village girl. Her next major film was the Fazil directed Vismayathumpathu with Mohanlal. After a few more not so successful films in malayalam she shifted base to the tamil industry.

Soon she started being glamorous. At first , she didnt have a great body and her face was not extremely appealing either. But soon enough she managed to do some workout and get her body into fine shape. And she was more than willing to show off that. The bikini scene from Billa was a revelation. Now no one can deny the fact that she has one of the best bodies in the south indian film industry.

Nayantara is a girl of attitude, a girl who likes to live life on her terms. If you compare the tamil and telugu videos of Nayanthara and Anushka from Billa, you can clearly see the difference. Nayantara was able to lift that scene to a different level of style and elegance. And there has been no dearth for gossips. Her relationships with Simbhu and Prabhu Deva have created ripples in the tamil industry. But more than anything else, she is a good professional actress and that is what we like to enjoy.

Meenakshi Dikshit Hot Navel Show in Red Saree

Meenakshi Dikshit

The tall, sexy, slim, tamil actress, Meenakshi Dikshit is another new face in Kollywood and Tollywood. She looks fabulouse in modern dresses. Meenakshi Dikshit has many new offers in her hand but accepted few movies. We hope Meenakshi Dikshit will be a popular actress very soon among Kollywood or Tollywood stars.

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Sexy Actress Sunita Varma Hot Saree Removing photos

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Vimala Raman Latest Hot Stills

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