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Anjaana Anjaani Special Screening Stills


‘Anjaana Anjaani’ Special Screening. Bollywood new movie Anjaana Anjaani Special Screening was held cinemax at mumbai yestarday and some bollywood  stars like , sonu sood , dia mirza , sonakshi sinha, mughda, sonakshi sinha graced the show.

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Bollywood Actress Dia Mirza Sexy Wallpapers

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Dia Mirza’s Daring Role in Acid Factory

Dia Mirza’s Daring Role in Acid Factory

Dia Mirza will be seen in a new avatar in Acid Factory that will release on October 9. The actress plays the role of a tough gunwielding girl. The plot revolves around memory loss, while Dia is the leading lady of the film along side her six male co-stars.

About her role, Dia says, “Max, the character I play in the film is a tough woman. She is very feminine and sexy but at the same time she is strong.” Her character in the movie is a bit like Cameron Diaz’s in Charlie’s Angels.

“I used to train for two hours in the morning, two hours in the evening and go all the way to Film City at 5 am to train with Tinu Varma for the action sequences for three hours.” About the movie, she says, “There are six people placed in an Acid Factory who have no memory and don’t know how and why they got there. If the plot is right, it is indeed easy to play the character. I usually do a character sketch for most of my films. For this one, I didn’t want to know anything because there are certain plots and stories that don’t need that. I am really excited about it.”

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Slim and Sexy Dia Mirza in Acid Factory

Acid Factory is an upcoming action thriller film being directed by Suparn Verma under the banner of White Feather Films. Dia Mirza will be seen doing action stunts in the movie for the first time. Diya Mirza has apparently trained hard and learnt martial arts to kick some real b*tt in Acid Factory. Check out Dia Mirza in Acid Factory.

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