Bhavani IPS Movie Stills of Sneha

Sneha becoming Vijaya Shanthi – South Indian action movie fans could never forget telugu actress VijayaShanthi so easilly. She was popularly known for her action oriented Police stories and thriller movies.

There were many other actresses in India trying to follow Vijayashanthi like that, but mostly in vain. Now, it’s Sneha’s turn in VijayaShanthi’s footsteps. Sneha has undergone special physical trainings to tune-up her body for looking as fit as an original lady cop.

The Sneha movie BHAVANI IPS in making is said to be a remake of VijayaShanthi starrer Vaijayanthi IPS which was a Mega Hit in 80’s. However, some sources deny that the movie Bhavani IPS is a remake.

Anyway, Sneha looks simply hot and cool with a rough and tough body, Police costumes and her expressions as usual win our hearts. We have to wait for the tamil movie Bhavani to see and comment on her performance.Till then, see the exclusive Bhavani promotional photoshoot images shown here.

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